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that are hiding behind the nervousness of the first look, the intimate thoughts that accompany you during the ceremony, and the brightest sparkles behind each other’s eyes.


Carmen x Peter | Puglia, Italy

Eternamente vostri

Veronica x Marco | Florence, Italy

Design, luck or coincidence

Eva x Sebastian | Bora Bora


Chantal x Richard | San Pedro, Belize

Definition of happiness

Nanya x Bart | Tuscany, Italy

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"We love every second of film captured by Alena. Richard & I got married on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize. While searching for a videographer I stumbled across Fragments Collection and after seeing a few short videos, her unique style stole my heart. All of the scenery, emotions, feelings are captured in a way that relatives who couldn’t join felt like they were there that day. Alena is an artist, creating a perfect painting with image and sound. So if you have a destination wedding and you want a painting worthy of the love you feel, make sure she’s there to capture it!"

Chantal & Richard
Utrecht, Netherlands

"Watching her videos transports us back to our wedding day and is a rollercoaster of emotions – we are smiling, laughing and crying all at the same time! You can tell that she has poured all her love and care in creating your video. Alena is also an incredible person. She is very professional, and a pleasure to be around. We felt like we were being filmed by a close friend and the whole process was full of fun and laughter. Her style is unique and intimate, and her creations are works of art. She will lovingly bundle your most special day into a video that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. We know we will."

Ankita & Sankalp
London, UK

"The heart and brain of Fragments Collection Alena is a wonderful person to talk to. She really has an eye for details and for capturing the right moments. She takes real pride in her work and met us a few months in advance just to get to know us and that we can feel more comfortable in front of her camera - distances do not seem to bother her because she met us in Vienna and a few months later she traveled to Italy for us! Alena and her staff were always with us during the weekend of our wedding and were able to catch the vibes, emotions and put it all together in an incredible personal and outstanding movie."

Johanna & Danilo
Salzburg, Austria

"We are extremely thankful for the awesome video Alena created for us. It is not only technically perfect, but also captures all the individual emotions between the two of us. It is so very valuable to be able to travel back to the wedding day and to all the emotions every time we watch the video. She showed great interest in our personality and style- and was therefore able to detect what makes our relationship special and picture it in the video. Apart from that, it was a real pleasure to meet Alena and spend these moments with her, she created an atmophere in which we felt completely comfortable. Thank you, Alena, you definitely exceeded our expectations."

Eva & Sebastian
Berlin, Germany



Whether you are planning a short, small, intimate, one day wedding or a three day wedding adventure, it is a privilege to be part of those special moments and an honor to collect those fragments for you.

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