I believe in community over competition.

I'm here to discuss about everything. I have made a tons of mistakes in my business and production, but I'm happy to talk about all of them.

I want to share all the information that pushed me to the path of becoming a destination wedding videographer. I'm here to help you get pass that bridge. Let's make you happen.

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The session covers everything and anything related to our industry. From filming a wedding, gear use, workflows, post processing, editing, audio sound design, storytelling, destination weddings, getting clients, building a brand and many more.

Within the two hour mentor session we will explore all of the stages as a wedding filmmaker, your role and your work. The session is a step into finding new tools and ways to approaching you work, how to dig deeper, find clients and stand out.

(Ask - Optional = monthly mentorship)

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Over the past eight years of filming weddings all over the world, I find that there are so many things I wish I knew along my business and creative journey. Being a creative soul and entrepreneur is not always rainbows and sunshine, barriers are common and you can easily get stuck at any stage. I crossed many bridges thanks to other creatives who gave me the biggest push. Here I am to do the same for you.

Get in touch via contact form, or write me an email at alena@fragmentscollection.com to start your new journey.