I believe in community over competition.

I'm here to discuss about everything. I have made a tons of mistakes in my business and production, but I'm happy to talk about all of them.

I want to share all the information that pushed me to the path of becoming a destination wedding videographer. I'm here to help you get pass that bridge. Let's make you happen.

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In a span of two days we cover the whole workflow from shooting a styled shoot to post processing. This workshop is held for a small group of videographers, where I talk and show my work process, how I get couples to interact and how I use any source of light. These two-days sessions are planned in different cities.

Sessions from one hour+ where we can discuss everything from shooting, editing, post processing, gear, workflows, destination weddings, getting clients and many more. Whether you are at any stage of your creative, entrepreneur journey, I'm here to help you see opportunities, and with our session we will touch bases of how to improve and grow.

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Over the past seven years of shooting weddings all over the world, I found that there are so many things I wish I knew when I was starting out. Being a creative soul and entrepreneur is not always rainbows and sunshine, barriers are common, you can easily get stuck at any stage. I got over so many barriers and crossed many bridges thanks to other creatives, who gave me the biggest push. Here I am to do the same for you.
Get in touch via contact form, or write me an email at alena@fragmentscollection.com to start your new journey.