This is why.

Hi, I’m Alena. Fragments collector and chaser of moments. Filmmaker and narrator of true love stories. Capturing all the colors of emotion that people share is what I love to do. This is my passion. I want to be part of your adventure to document your pure feelings and honest emotions. I am based in Slovenia but I love to travel wherever my camera takes me.

STYLE | Blending documentary and cinematic style is my way of telling a story of your wedding day. My vision is to create something personal and unique for you. I capture your authentic moments as uniquely and creatively as I can by letting things happen spontaneously. I’m good friend with the camera and I’m enjoying the experience as much as you. My films are intimate, personal and honest, with a great touch of true expressions, real emotions and smiles. I strive for a much bigger story that attains the delight of the day. People who work with me trust my vision and believe in the arts. That kind of trust conveys the true portrait of who you are.

INVESTMENT | My offer is designed to serve the need of small and all the way to big weddings. No matter where your wedding takes place, eloping or a traditional celebration, I’ll be happy to capture your story. It is not necessarily a wedding the reason why you want to contact me. I love when I can portray connections between certain people and their story. The laidback, light and fun adventures are a great chance for us to create a unique memory. This is also a chance for your long planned wedding proposal or engagement session. Contact me for more information.

DELIVERYWhen your big day has come to an end, after we said our goodbyes, that’s where the editing comes into action. I’m the one who is keen on taking the time to collect and craft your moments into a film that you will pass on to your kids and your grandkid. I approach every aspect of your film with an artistic eye, because I know how much these moments mean to you and to your family. I want to deliver a unique product that will bring out the same emotions, cause a tear in your eyes, reflect your thoughts on your big day and make you realize how many incredible memories there have been made. The delivery of films takes place in a wooden symbolic package that reminds you of your past and give joy to your present.


TRAVEL PLANS | I love to travel and I love to share stories from around the world.
Nothing excites me more than an adventure somewhere far away with people who invite me to capture their story.
If you would like to meet me in your country or town, send me a note and let’s see if I can be a part of your plans.

March 2018  | Croatia + France
April 2018  | Italy + US – Chicago
May 2018  |  Croatia
June 2018  |  Italy, New York
August 2018  |  Serbia
September 2018  |  Croatia

Februar 2019  |  Thailand
April 2019  |  Netherlands
June 2019  |  Croatia
July 2019  |  Germany

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