Through winning, losing & cryingIndian Wedding Celebration in Slovenia

This time, I didn’t travel the world to capture the endless moment of happiness. It all came to me, to my home country, Slovenia. To be more exact, the Indian wedding celebration came to a beautiful and one might say, a magical little village of Stanjel. A well-known wedding venue Grad Stanjel and Villa Fabiani, admired by many. Indian wedding videographer

The Indian tradition, the spirit, the wisdom.

It was all brought to life in this peaceful Slovenian place. The cheerfulness and colorful emotions, an ancient tradition named “Holi”, where colors were thrown around as a sign of luck and happiness!

Among the sacred halls of the medieval castle Grad Stanjel and the vivid garden of Villa Fabiani, the wedding party performed the “Sangeet”. San what, you may wonder, as did I. But it was pure magic, dancing and singing on the way to the ceremony, with all the smiling faces, celebrating life and the love of Ankita & Sankalp.

It all seemed like a movie, it felt like we were all in one Bollywood scene. Being a part of this special celebration of love, an Indian wedding, was a whole new and enriching experience for me. I really did not know what to expect, how to react, what to seek for. But it somehow found me. The spirit of this Indian wedding, the moments, everything I captured, has a special place in my heart. It was great to have Ankita and Sankalp on the other side of the lense. Their whole family and friends gave me the feeling of belonging, as I was a part of this colorful celebration. I am eternally grateful for it.

indian wedding

This special celebration was also featured on the 100 Layer Cake wedding blog.

Cinematography: Fragments Collection // Photography: Aluna Weddings // Venue: Grad Stanjel & Villa Fabiani // Planning, styling and flowers: CARA creative co. // Hair & Makeup: Lea Bratušek // Stationery: La Mina Paper // Cake: Petra’s Cakes // Dress: Sabyasachi

The 2018 ride.

It’s never too late to say THANK YOU.

2018, what a year! You gave me more than I expected. Although you were the quickest so far, I’m thankful for each and every moment that came along my way.
Thank you my wonderful couples for sharing your moments with us and your trust in my vision, it means the world to me! A huge thank you to everyone who has helped making 2018 as great as it has been.

2019 bring it on!

xo, Alena

ROOM 612New York City Elopement

New York City elopement story of Roxanne and Jon. April weather tends to be heavy like a Dostoyevsky book. There is some kind of tension in the air, hard to describe and I was really pleased to have gotten an email from Jon and Roxanne that day, which kicked this tension out of sight, in a very positive way, of course. New York City Elopement.

New York City, a city with charm, million faces & places.

So colorful and vivid, so well exposed, yet with a gazillion ways to get lost. Their idea of an elopement in the city that never sleeps was a well detailed and profound one. As I lost myself in the love story told by this couple living on the other side of the planet, I started to plan this trip.

Being a New York videographer for a couple of days, I had images in my head of all the streets, buildings, corners of all the architecture telling a story, which me, Roxanne and Jon rewrote in a special way. It might sound cliche, but yes, they did it in a New York city hall office and I was their official witness, a first time for me, may I add.

new york city elopement

Sometimes it’s not about the wedding planning nor the cakes or guest lists, sometimes it’s only because of love. Their New York City elopement wedding was an act of a deep connection. A wish granted for both of them, their wows read and hear as well written poetry. As they immersed their emotions, one sentence got stuck in my mind till this day.

Love, love is the feeling of being accepted just the way you are.

How humble, yet so real. Their wonderful escape to NYC was such a pleasure to capture and collect. Hope it resonates with you as well.

Wedding cinematography: Fragments Collection

Ibiza, SpainThat one moment there

Elopement in Ibiza, a down to earth contrast to the wild life.

When Ibiza comes to our mind we picture wild parties, well this was a different kind of party. An intimate one, a dance in the moonlight, with many sparkles of happiness. Erica and Alberto flew all the way from California to express their vows at the edge of Ibiza island. They chose their path 10 years ago and had a path driven by their love for sports and their two of a kind personalities. Very much different personalities yet soulful, connected by simplicity, inner confidence and a down to earth mentality. Their elopement in Ibiza was a reflection of fundamental bonds, cherishing what they are and what they have become. Wrapped into a beautiful scenery of nature treasures their “I do” sounded ever more magical, more profound.

Thank you Erica and Alberto for trusting me your story. It was a true honor being part of those moments and being part of your elopement in Ibiza.

Their cliffside elopement was also published at Martha Stewart Wedding blog, if you want to know more about their wedding story, don’t hesitate to click here.

wedding cinematography: Fragments Collection // wedding photography: El Momento Perfecto Fotografo // wedding planner: MC2 Mon Amour // wedding flowers: Antonio Rodriguez  // bridal gown by: Bluethreadbridal // gold pearl crown: Lelet NY

Istria, CroatiaYou keep me safe, I’ll keep you wildKatja x Simon

This wedding in Istria, just a bit outside of the gorgeous old village of Grožnjan, was our last wedding in the season. Though it ended, I’m happy it ended with this story. It was beautiful.

This wonderful couple, their beauty and warmth was such a privilege and an honor to film. Katja and Simon are destination wedding photographers, traveling all over the globe by telling and sharing wedding stories. I was truly happy when I received their message and invitation to film their day. It was a reminder not only of the importance of what I do, the trust to tell a story, but also the privilege of being invited into someone’s life to create a lifetime memory, as they do.

The whole day was intensely personal for Katja and Simon and to capture all this as it unfolded was a real treat for us.

The simplicity of the day, great setup and stunning location that they have been looking for a really long time, gorgeous emotional outdoor ceremony, surrounded by family and friends, a heartfelt vows and spontaneous moments, describes this amazing day. We closed the night by the fireplace, their beautiful slow dance, delicious cake and some warm words of their family and friends.

Thanks for having us Mr and Mrs Avbar. It was truly a pleasure to capture this day for you. Here is to your new adventure.

wedding cinematography: Fragments Collection // wedding photography: People Produccioness – Daniel Alonso // bride dress: Envy Room // grooms dress: Zara // wedding flowers: Sanjski Šopek // wedding rings: Etsy // MUA: Stanka Skledar // wedding catering: Gostilnica Barba

Goče, Karst / SloveniaWith My SoulTina x Luka

Old black kitchen with open fire, dusty vintage furniture, wooden stairs and well cherished legacy, leaves a special mark in the oldest Slovenian village Goče. The warmth and simplicity was something that resonated with Tina and Luka the most, so this special place became a part of their wedding day.

Their passion, devotion and focus on what truly matters has shown how spiritually connected they are and I think their favorite poet Rumi describes this best: ‘Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.’

The day for this two souls started in Hotel St. Daniel, in a small village Štanjel, followed by ceremonies in historical Goče and Erzelj, ended with reception at the Štanjel castle. The whole wedding celebration was planned out to preserve the old cultural heritage, driven through by their love story and filled with really strong emotions. To remain this vibe as special as it is, a poem ‘Lirsko obredje’ from Slovenian poet Feri Lainšček was just a perfect fit. This day was another great chance for a really good collaboration with amazing Anže and Romina from Aluna Weddings – follow the link: to see story in photographs.

There are weddings and there are wedding stories that don’t need any extra description.

goče wedding

wedding photographer: Aluna Weddings // brides dress: Modno oblikovanje in šiviljstvo Heli // brides hair: Maja Kabič // grooms dress: Hugo Boss // wedding flowers: Cvetličarna Zvonček // wedding cake: Pcakes // wedding planner: Spella.S. // wedding rings: Mojca Ogris – Timeless jewelry // MUA: imakeup // wedding reception: Štanjel castle

Amalfi Coast, ItalyThe Winding RoadsEdessa x Andrew

This gorgeous couple flew all the way from Australia to celebrate their big day in amazing small corner of Italy at Amalfi Coast.

Wedding day started of with getting ready in Palazzo Avino, continued with a ceremony in Amalfi Cathedral with their family and closest friends and ended the day at this beautiful reception at Villa Eva.
 Destination weddings are always a good chance to do pre or after sessions with couples so we made this happen at gorgeous Villa Cimbrone.

The 2017 ride.

2017… Ohh boy. A year to remember in so many ways. 365 days of mixed feelings and impressions. It’s hard to put in words or even express that in one sentence because I’m really not good at this.
2017 was a big journey of personal growth, challenging situations, spontaneous discoveries and really good friendships. All I want to say is THANK YOU 2017 for being so good to me, for crossing my path with such good people that I can call friends. Thank you for all the downfalls and bumpy paths, what would life look like without a little struggle, right?
THANK YOU my lovely couples for choosing us to be your camera crew. Thank you for trusting your special moments and letting us be part of your life. It was a real pleasure sharing tears of joy, early mornings exploration, those beautiful sunsets, stormy evenings with each and every one of you. Your trust means the world to me.


Stanjel, SloveniaThrough My VeinsMojca x Jure

I guess sometimes it happens that inquiry comes in my inbox just some days before the wedding day and so it was with them. I’m usually a bit sceptic in such situations because I have this urge to get to know the couple months beforehand and I take my time to visualize personalities, etc… This situation with Mojca and Jure proves me that time is not decisive on so many levels. We met in person a day before the wedding and I have to admit, I was impressed.

Their positive energy and simplicity took me over, that chat over a good cup of coffee was great. I was blown away and immediately inspired. The respect and love they expressed over my work was a real blessing to hear. We we’re really looking forward to the next day.
It all started in a small and cute village Štanjel and their beautiful ceremony took place in The Ferrari Garden. After emotional ceremony, along side of two fellow photographers from Aluna Weddings we went to shoot their portraits through the village where Mojca and Jure were simply glowing. Rest of their wedding day took part in a restaurant in Kobjeglava. Everything was beautifully planned and styled by AK Weddings.

Through my veins

I think a lot of videographers and photographers would agree on this. There is no better reward than an email filled with warm, joyful words of a happy couple, trying to explain their feelings after receiving the final product, but then again, I’m surprised every single time! Besides warm and lovely words, here is what I received from Mojca and Jure, a reaction of seeing their wedding film for the first time.

Words can’t describe how and what this video makes me feel! It’s the reason why I love my job and why it fills me with energy and new ideas. Thank you Mojca and Jure for the most beautiful reward! I think I will carry that first message in my mind forever, after all this, I believe things always turns out as they should.

wedding photographer: Aluna Weddings // brides dress: Dynasty London // brides shoes: Dune /// grooms dress: Boglioli // grooms hair and beard: Ljubljanski brivec // wedding flowers: Cvetje // wedding planner: AK weddings // wedding stationery: La Mina // wedding rings: Atelje DR Jewelry

Venice, ItalyMy love will clothe your bonesElizabeth x Robert

My latest visit to Venice was a real charm. It was a trip well spent with Elizabeth and Rob, a wonderful couple from the USA. We were sipping cappuccinos, reminiscing about youth and shared stories. Elizabeth & Rob are a huge inspiration to me. The story behind their love is the one that gives you chills and it feels like you only see such things in the movies. I feel so lucky to be the narrative of their special moments while staying in Venice.

venice wedding videographer

“Elizabeth, everyday I’m always thinking of you and I will be forever. I always have that urge to be around you and all I wanna do is kiss you. Elizabeth I love you. I’ll always love you.”

This letter written by Rob was something Elizabeth kept for years in her box of memories on her teenage years. She explained that even after 15 years when she opened the box, this letter was the only thing she kept, and honestly added, it was the only thing she needed. They were sweethearts in teenage years, but went separated paths… After 24 years they found happiness in each other’s arms. Truly in love. 

Elizabeth and Rob, thank you for your trust, friendship and the good times in Venice.


The 2016 ride.

I’m usually keeping it short in such kind of posts… But stay with me on this one.

2016 was an unforgettable and life changing year for me, with the official beginning and a big launch of Fragments Collection. As I look back I feel shocked, blessed, grateful and happy. You know that feeling when everything just aligns? Exactly that! But it wasn’t all uphill as it sounds… My first half of year felt like drowning. Not many of you know, but it actually took me half a year to make an urgent and really big step in my life. Considering to step forward into growth or back into safety… I had to leave something behind to move forward… To follow the work I love, and that’s capturing emotions. You never know what life gives you and I am damn happy that I made that decision.

The wedding season rolled out so great. Each and every couple left their side effect.

I thank you, my lovely couples for your trust, your honest conversation, your kindness, the warm welcome and your friendship. I loved each and every single experience with you. I still don’t quite get the fact where my “job” has led me but I’m grateful for all new friends this ride passed my way.
Here is a minute mixture of pure love, joy, connection, happiness & passion I had an honor to capture.  This is the 2016 ride with Fragments Collection. Hope you enjoy this.

I’m looking forward what 2017 is going to send on my path. To lots of LOVE, PASSION, KINDNESS & HEALTH in 2017.
xo Alena

Lake Bled, SloveniaSinging this songShauna x Sid

“I can’t believe that this is actually happening” said Sid nervously after carrying his beloved bride Shauna up on the 99 famous steps at Lake Bled (yes, it’s a tradition).

Words from the happiest man alive were exactly what I was thinking. It was a lovely Saturday with really kind people and we could feel their warm welcome. The celebration of their love meant a big gathering of two totally different families becoming one. The acceptance, the kindness, the passion, the differences, the languages … It all blended. It was a really great experience, we loved each and every second of it.

lake bled wedding videographer

This day was another chance to work along side with the photographer Lovro / LR Weddings – remember the Rome story? – take a look here. Feel free to check out his awesome photographs of this wedding. Ceremony and reception took place at Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled.

Thank you Shauna and Sid for trusting us and letting us be part of your special day. Good vibes and good times.

Slovenj Gradec, SloveniaThe wild & sweetNeza x Primoz

Wedding of these two lovebirds inspired me to think beyond words, and so I got a chance to do what I always imagined. Neža and Primož radiate these deeper feelings and I witnessed yet another different love story and it got me thinking… Love? A word that is quite hard to define…

wedding videographer slovenia

“I choose you. And I will choose you, over and over again. Without a pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat, I will keep on choosing you.”

An unknown author once wrote these remarkable words, words that could be easily applied to different love stories, a meaning – to love someone. What is LOVE? Can anyone define it?

Gallery of tastes, CeljeAlways here with meVeronika x Ivica

“If there were bills to pay in our love story, I would always be indebted”, said Ivica, right before his lady Veronica loudly expressed her “yes”. I’m so happy that these two found each other in this crowded, noisy but yet so small world. You can see from their eyes that they absolutely fulfill each others life so gorgeously. I’m glad they came down my path and I feel honored for being trusted with this special and emotional moments of their wedding day.

wedding videographer slovenia

Reception happened at the urban and wild, modern and traditional venue – Galerija okusov, Novo Celje.


Rome, ItalyEndless city. Endless love.Neza x Matjaz

I had an absolute pleasure capturing the moments of this amazing couple and happy to have met such genuine, likeable and friendly people. It was certainly a different perspective for Neža – a wedding, family and newborn photographer – being in front of the camera and not carrying one around her neck; this is how I actually met her the first time. Matjaž is a great guy and he’s a ski jumper, heck yeah!

A chance to film their adventure & capture their special connection came by one morning, while we were headed to a photography seminar “Way Up North”. Beside those couple of days sightseeing, I’m thankful for the opportunity to eternalise this love and create a memory in this endless and beautiful city called Rome. Check out Lovro’s page if you wish to see their adventure in photographs.

Tabor, SloveniaMelody of the HeartLjubica x Gasper

This time, I was a part of an emotional love story, of a celebration of life, the newly paved road of Ljubica and Gašper. Their wedding day was filled with speeches, emotions and memories of younger days and I must admit, I was amazed, it took me by surprise, how heart-warming and vivid it all was. The thoughts in the back of my mind came to life – always expect the unexpected. The bride brought her man to tears, while singing a well known slovenian love song and it was their very own highlight, a special moment, that meant the world to both of them. So I decided to use this instant in their trailer. The song “Ne bodi kot drugi” is written by a very well known Slovenian writer, poet and screenwriter Feri Lainšček.

wedding film
Thank you Ljubica & Gašper for your trust, it was an honor to capture your moments.


The 2015 rideA look back

My ride in the year 2015 was amazing. I laughed till’ I cried a couple of times, got goosebumps, held my breath a couple of times, held my tears back from crying, I must say, several times and cried once… Probably from holding back those couple of times. I’m grateful for those moments, for new friends, for adventures, for inspiration, growth and the love that surrounded me. This year is yet an undiscovered adventure, a path I’m very excited about. I wish you to love each other endlessly, hold each other tighter, feel the emotions deeper. Take risks and don’t be afraid to chase your happiness and good madness. Happy new year!


Prekmurje, SloveniaA silent devotionDoroteja x Blaz

Sometimes, words just don’t come easily, especially the ones, which describe the magical moments I was a part of. So instead of being a poet of modern time, I present you guys a film, actually a visual story of a deep connection, of strong emotions, a true love story, with two special actors, Doroteja and Blaz. Their wedding day took place in my hometown Murska Sobota, the rest of the celebration in a small village nearby. Ever since they asked me to forever capture their big day, I felt very excited, motivated but mostly honored to be a part of their personal happily ever after and that I could produce a piece of an everlasting memory. It was truly an amazing day.


Farm Seruga, SloveniaCome away with meMateja x Miha

These two love birds had their wedding reception at the farm Šeruga from Ratež, Slovenia. The weather was not perfect but I guess we were the lucky ones. Rain settle down and the sunset started its show. We ran outside to do this portrait session and as it turned out, it was the best one. Here are Mateja and Miha enjoying their first hours of being married,enjoying their roles as husband and wife. Simple and in love. It was an absolute pleasure working with these lovers on their big day.

Mateja and Miha, thank you for being so cool. Thanks to wedding photographer Lovro Rozina for the cover photo.


P.S. I love youHouse of Special Sort, Kodreti

Gorgeous. Cute. Emotional. Intimate.
This is what their wedding day was all about.

wedding videographer slovenia wedding videographer slovenia

Lea and Matjaž invited us to shoot their small, personal, and laid back wedding with a beautiful reception at House of Special Sort, where the plateau of Kras and the valley of the Vipava river meet, in the idyllic village of Kodreti. It was perfect. But I’m not talking about the location, I’m talking about the people. They were so enjoyable to observe and capture as they shine as individuals and also as a married couple…
They are glowing.

Thank you, Lea and Matjaž, for trusting us to capture your wedding day.


Happy ValentineLjubljana, Slovenia

Love is the combination of being in love and friendship that leads to the vows. Tina and Rok are inseparable for thirteen years. From youth age of friendship and being in love, their relationship has grown into immeasurable love with no limits.

wedding videographer sloveniawedding videographer slovenia
Their love leads them along the path where they begin to realize the real meaning of life. Path full of curves, obstacles and straight road is a great proof of their powerful love and a great inspiration for those of us who knows the background of their story. We have witnessed the greatest happiness in the eyes of the man who married his biggest love and a woman with the tears of happiness who loves him unconditionally.

It was a rainy Valentine’s Day. However, their happiest day. Their wedding day.

Only hugs, smiles and warm fuzzy feelingsKarst, Kobjeglava

This past Spring I had a privilege to meet a hardworking and kind couple, Eva and Uroš from Kamnik.

wedding videographer sloveniawedding videographer slovenia

Their obligations stopped for a moment and all it mattered was them. Together. That “together” happened on June 21st, 2014, on Karst, in the village Kobjeglava. The story that they shared, their chemistry and hilarity, are the results of this wedding trailer that we’re sharing with you.

Thank you Eva and Uroš for your kindest, spontaneity and for a great experience.