Wedding day at Villa Gamberaia had a charm of its own

You just have to stop, look around you and embrace the beauty of it all. The gardens from 13th century are located above the cultural and historical city of Florence, Italy.

I once read, that visiting Florence is like visiting a surprise party every single day. Well, can not deny it! The city and this estate made quite an impression on me. Being a videographer at Villa Gamberaia inspired me and gave me, as well as the couple, a unique chance to enjoy a sweet sunset above the city. Play hide and seek in the architectural perfect gardens and painted us a scenery every wedding filmmaker could ever wish for. The history of this venue is quite impressing and rolled out through the every single layer of the gardens as well as the buildings.

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The oldest notice of the place called Gamberajaâ dates back to the second half of the 14th century when a farmhouse belonged to the nuns of S. Martino a Mensola. The name probably referred to the presence of freshwater shrimp (gamberiâ) in local ponds or streams. At the end of the fourteenth century the property was purchased by Matteo di Domenico Gamberelli, father of the famous sculptors and architects Antonio and Bernardo Gamberelli. In 1610, the new owner Zanobi Lapi completed the construction of the manor house. In the following decades his nephews laid out the main areas of the gardens.

The estate is enormous, yet well designed. Every detail is carefully brought to life through nature but also implicated into the building itself. A wedding at Villa Gamberaia is a celebration of loveliness, mindfulness and love to details. Making a wedding video at Villa Gamberaia was one of my favorites and definitely a venue where I would like to shoot once again.

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