Xalet del Nin is a dream

The light wind breeze, the smell of salty water, the reflection of the sea, is how a wedding feels like here. Located just outside Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia in Spain, the venue is a hidden treasure.

Catalonia definitely has a minds of its own, which can be seen on every step and in every little part of this estate just above the city. I was so intrigued with the chill vibes and the whole atmosphere of the estate, it almost felt like being on a vacation.

“Such a beautiful horizon, like a jewel in the sun, for you I will be a seagull of your beautiful ocean. The bells are ringing, open up your doors to the world!” is a line from the official anthem of the Barcelona Olympic Games held in 1992. Words worth sharing as they also embrace the vibes of a Xalet del Nin wedding. Many well designed, yet intimate spots, reflect the whole concept of the place.

It has that mediterranean flair. It makes you fall in love with wine, food and its lifestyle over and over again. They say that the main three pillars of this flair are good food, excellent wine and family. A philosophy which can be found in the soul of every wedding. Xalet del Nin makes this philosophy as vivid as the clear skies reflecting over the endless sea. It is a newly renovated venue with amazing architecture, located on the beautiful beach of Vilanova I La Geltru.

xalet del nin

wedding venue barcelona

As a videographer in Xalet del Nin I got the chance to play around with the venues well established architecture, resulting in charming scenes. The Xalet del Nin wedding film counts to one of my all time faves shootings. It is definitely a place worth of capturing its uniqueness.

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