New York City Elopement

New York City elopement story of Roxanne and Jon. April weather tends to be heavy like a Dostoyevsky book. There is some kind of tension in the air, hard to describe and I was really pleased to have gotten an email from Jon and Roxanne that day, which kicked this tension out of sight, in a very positive way, of course. New York City Elopement.

New York City, a city with charm, million faces & places.

So colorful and vivid, so well exposed, yet with a gazillion ways to get lost. Their idea of an elopement in the city that never sleeps was a well detailed and profound one. As I lost myself in the love story told by this couple living on the other side of the planet, I started to plan this trip.

Being a New York videographer for a couple of days, I had images in my head of all the streets, buildings, corners of all the architecture telling a story, which me, Roxanne and Jon rewrote in a special way. It might sound cliche, but yes, they did it in a New York city hall office and I was their official witness, a first time for me, may I add.

new york city elopement

Sometimes it’s not about the wedding planning nor the cakes or guest lists, sometimes it’s only because of love. Their New York City elopement wedding was an act of a deep connection. A wish granted for both of them, their wows read and hear as well written poetry. As they immersed their emotions, one sentence got stuck in my mind till this day.

Love, love is the feeling of being accepted just the way you are.

How humble, yet so real. Their wonderful escape to NYC was such a pleasure to capture and collect. Hope it resonates with you as well.

Wedding cinematography: Fragments Collection