The 2016 ride.

I’m usually keeping it short in such kind of posts… But stay with me on this one.

2016 was an unforgettable and life changing year for me, with the official beginning and a big launch of Fragments Collection. As I look back I feel shocked, blessed, grateful and happy. You know that feeling when everything just aligns? Exactly that! But it wasn’t all uphill as it sounds… My first half of year felt like drowning. Not many of you know, but it actually took me half a year to make an urgent and really big step in my life. Considering to step forward into growth or back into safety… I had to leave something behind to move forward… To follow the work I love, and that’s capturing emotions. You never know what life gives you and I am damn happy that I made that decision.

The wedding season rolled out so great. Each and every couple left their side effect.

I thank you, my lovely couples for your trust, your honest conversation, your kindness, the warm welcome and your friendship. I loved each and every single experience with you. I still don’t quite get the fact where my “job” has led me but I’m grateful for all new friends this ride passed my way.
Here is a minute mixture of pure love, joy, connection, happiness & passion I had an honor to capture.  This is the 2016 ride with Fragments Collection. Hope you enjoy this.

I’m looking forward what 2017 is going to send on my path. To lots of LOVE, PASSION, KINDNESS & HEALTH in 2017.
xo Alena