The 2017 ride.

2017… Ohh boy. A year to remember in so many ways. 365 days of mixed feelings and impressions. It’s hard to put in words or even express that in one sentence because I’m really not good at this.
2017 was a big journey of personal growth, challenging situations, spontaneous discoveries and really good friendships. All I want to say is THANK YOU 2017 for being so good to me, for crossing my path with such good people that I can call friends. Thank you for all the downfalls and bumpy paths, what would life look like without a little struggle, right?
THANK YOU my lovely couples for choosing us to be your camera crew. Thank you for trusting your special moments and letting us be part of your life. It was a real pleasure sharing tears of joy, early mornings exploration, those beautiful sunsets, stormy evenings with each and every one of you. Your trust means the world to me.