Melody of the Heart

This time, I was a part of an emotional love story, of a celebration of life, the newly paved road of Ljubica and Gašper. Their wedding day was filled with speeches, emotions and memories of younger days and I must admit, I was amazed, it took me by surprise, how heart-warming and vivid it all was. The thoughts in the back of my mind came to life – always expect the unexpected. The bride brought her man to tears, while singing a well known slovenian love song and it was their very own highlight, a special moment, that meant the world to both of them. So I decided to use this instant in their trailer. The song “Ne bodi kot drugi” is written by a very well known Slovenian writer, poet and screenwriter Feri Lainšček.

wedding film
Thank you Ljubica & Gašper for your trust, it was an honor to capture your moments.